July 2014

Opens New Pasadena Office to Accommodate Growth

NEW YORK, July 14, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Snowden Capital Advisors LLC, an independent, advisor-owned, wealth advisory firm dedicated to providing client-focused advice in a values-driven culture, today simultaneously announced its rebranding as Snowden Lane Partners and the relocation of its Pasadena office to new premises.
“We believe our modified name communicates our desire to be a path to independent advice leading to the achievement of our clients’ financial objectives,” said Rob Mooney, Managing Partner and CEO of Snowden Lane Partners.
Snowden Lane’s Managing Partner and President, Greg Franks, added, “We also feel strongly that we’ve developed a partnership culture where client relationships are not transactional, they’re long-term partnerships. Moreover, our firm is advisor-owned, making Snowden Lane a true partnership where the owners’ interests are aligned with their clients’ success.”
Mr. Mooney noted that the impetus behind the Snowden Lane moniker came from a street of the same name near his home.
The firm’s updated visual design and web site ( reflects its values-driven partnership culture and a focus on clients’ interests first, always.
New Pasadena Office
Snowden Lane has opened a new Pasadena office to accommodate the current and anticipated growth of its advisor teams. Recently, the firm announced that 19-year Merrill Lynch alums, Loretta and Bob Hoffman, had joined, bringing to three the number of advisor teams in the Pasadena Office.
Snowden Lane Partners Pasadena Office
Snowden asked its Pasadena-based advisors to help design the roughly 4,000-foot space to reflect what they thought would most benefit the client experience. The result is a modern, interactive and flexible environment that reflects the collaborative values of the Snowden Lane Partners brand.
Snowden is led by an experienced team of industry executives, including Lyle LaMothe, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rob Mooney, Managing Partner and CEO, and Greg Franks, Managing Partner and President, who are dedicated to building a client-focused, nationally branded, boutique wealth advisory partnership.
About Snowden Lane Partners
Snowden is a client-focused, financial advisor-owned, and nationally branded independent wealth advisory firm. Through its open-architecture platform, Snowden delivers wealth advisory services to high net worth individuals, families and foundations.