On Wall Street – Hunker Down: 8 Advisors Explain How They're Handling Market Volatility

August 2015

After a rough week, U.S. equity markets opened to an even rougher morning, as the Dow Jones Industrial index plummeted more than 1,000 points in early trading Monday. By end of day, it was down nearly 600 points, a 3.6% decline.
Financial advisors, however, largely kept a cool head, reminding clients how their financial plans are designed to meet their long-term goals. Some advisors have also argued that there may be buying opportunities for sidelined investors with cash should the market continue its slide.
There was plenty of peer advice to be found among advisors too. One consistent point: keep communication open with your clients, and provide guidance when needed.
Click through our slideshow to see what advisors and other experts had to say about volatile markets and how to calm nervous clients.

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