Financial Planning – Merrill Team Joins Snowden Lane Partners

July 2015

A pair of Merrill Lynch advisors who had $240 million in assets under management have joined RIA Snowden Lane Partners.
Snowden Lane has made a point of recruiting wirehouse advisors. The firm now manages $2 billion in client assets, says Greg Franks, managing partner and president of Snowden Lane. According to its Form ADV filed in October 2012, the firm had approximately $697 million in client assets under management.
The two advisors, Alex Bryer and Keith Mayo, will remain a team, working together out of Snowden Lane’s new Bethesda, Md., office. With these two recent hires, Snowden Lane has brought their number of advisors to 22 in their six offices nationwide.
Bryer began his career with Merrill and has worked there since  1997, while Mayo started in the industry in 1983 with E. F. Huffington. After making a few moves he landed at Merrill in 1994, where he paired up with Bryer.
“I believe I can better serve my clients and all of my capabilities are enhances,” says Bryer about the move. “I’m a partner of something that can help my clients achieve their goals.”
The two have been working as a team specializing in high-net-worth clients and philanthropic institutions for around five years. They will continue to work together with the addition of Ryan Perraut, a private wealth advisor, and Heather Talesnick, a registered client relationship manager.
“Keith and I formed a partnership based on the fact that we view the client relationship the same way,” says Bryer. “Everything we do is for the client.”
He goes on to say that Snowden was a “very easy fit for our team” because the platform and culture fit with the way Bryer and Mayo view client relationships.
“We’re excited about the growth of our company and how clients and advisors seem to be energized,” adds Franks.
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