InvestmentNews – Wells Fargo team managing $150 million moves to Snowden Lane

June 2018

Hybrid Hogan Eller Wealth Management in San Antonio, Texas, affiliates with New York firm

A seven-person team managing $150 million at Wells Fargo in San Antonio, Texas, has formed a hybrid firm and affiliated with New York-based Snowden Lane Partners.
Led by Mark Hogan, Leah Eller, Pam Appleby and Josh Hogan, the Hogan Eller Wealth Management Group also includes advisers Larry Barocas and Marcus Selva, as well as Debbie Ury, a relationship manager, who joined Snowden Lane in San Antonio last year.
Mark Hogan began his securities career in 1987 at First American National Securities, and worked at several firms including Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley before joining Wells Fargo in 2009.
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